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There are some people who like doing up their homes and then there are some for whom decorating their homes is a major passion.Inspiration to decorate homes comes at strange times and especially so when you are not exactly looking out for it. These ideas can be unusual and fun to do. Just go all out and let your creative juices flow. You never know what all you come up with. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Texture talk

One of the simplest ways to get an unusual look at your house is to do up a textured wall yourself . "You can try and make your own textured walls - just hand paint them.

Pretty concrete

You can use a portion of a concrete pipe for a flowerpot. You can place it at home or at the window sill. The strange flower pot will add a fun element. "Bonsai plants can fill up the corners of your rooms and can be placed at the entrance to get that fresh green look at home.

Shell that now

Use the shells you collected on that summer trip to the beach for candle holders. Fasten a short piece of wicking to a metal wick holder and anchor inside the shell. Fill the shell with melted candle wax.

Trim the wick

Allow to set and there you have it a delightful way to re-live those summer memories. "One gets all types of fragrances, colours, shapes of candles."Light itHang a large chandelier right on top of your dining table. It will not only provide the necessary subdued light for your guests at dinnertime but will nicely eliminate the unwanted glare of direct light. It will also give your dining room table an uncommon elegance.

Placed well

To delight the senses before any food arrives at the table, place tiny bowls of sweet-scented herbs at each place setting.

All glassed

Exhibit your collection of antique glass bottles on window sills where the light from outside can show off their beauty to those within. This adds an interesting touch of colour to a neutrally-painted room.

Table frames

Tiny frames can be used as place card holders for that fancy dinner. "Different shapes of mirrors can also be used as great decorative items when put in interesting frames.

Ladder on the wall

Lean a wooden ladder against a bathroom wall and place towels over the rung. This makes an interesting addition to the room instead of the traditional towel rack.

Trunk call

Make use of that old suitcase or that large old trunk as a coffee table.Go on, have fun decorating!

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