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Portfolios are important to express the design language of a person to other. Modern portfolios are mostly digital and in these times of stress are more reliable. Primarily digital portfolios can be divided into two parts.



1. Single design portfolio are mostly used for college level, where in a designer has to convey his design language about only one project on detailed level to the end user (juror), where emphasis is given on each and every aspect of drawing. This kind of portfolio require a high level of detailed drawings. Drawings like plans, elevation carry importance but other drawings like site plans and construction details drawings also carry an equal amount of importance. In these kinds of portfolios drawings require high detail. Drawing should be clearly connected to the brief and concepts. Presentation of this drawings can be made in accordance to the concept and all drawings should carry the same style and font of presentation.

2. Multi design portfolios are mostly used to attach to C.V. resume of the job in this kind of portfolios not much information is required about a project. Making sure that its content reduced to minimum and should be apt avoiding unnecessary drawings and details and maximum information is to be conveyed to the end user. Make sure certain things like plans, site location/ plan is attached and a brief overview is given about the project. The information should be reduced to bare minimum but several projects should be displayed showcasing the versatility of the maker and his grasp on working on different kinds of projects. Composition of sheets also plays a major role in multi design portfolios. The projects have to be set up in a specific order according to the hierarchy of the project.

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