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Give your home a new look this festive season

Festive season has begun and its time to give your home a refreshing new look. Here are some ideas to make your home look beautiful and appealing.

1. Colors do the trick:

Use bright shades for home decor during festive occasions. In Indian, we have always like things in slightly brighter shades, celebratory colour tones rather than western colour palettes that are on the duller side. You can re-paint the walls or add an antique or have a bright wallpaper that stands out. Place rugs or curtains or lamps or carpet that give your space a festive spirit.

2. Be particular about lighting:

Be as careful while deciding on the lighting during get-togethers on festivals. Lights plays an important role in setting the mood, be it natural light or shadows. In the mornings allow natural light to sift through your windows and create an environment of casual, airy conversation. At nights, some yellow light sets a cozy and musical mood.

3. Add Music to set the mood:

Select a soothing, light and soft music when people are around to set the mood. Nice music helps people feel relaxed and comfortable during their visit to your place and adds to a healthy conversation. Having a nice music system helps build a cozy environment and adds a distinct touch to your home interiors.

4. Change the placement of your furniture:

Living room plays a vital role during all festivals. It’s where we greet our guests and have long conversations. It's obvious that the living room, where you have the sofas and the teapoy, should be redesigned to suit the occasion. We suggest to place the sofas in a huddle of sorts so that you can have a relaxed and cozy conversation.

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