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Adding false ceiling for drawing room is creative way to improve attraction of ceiling. It is not only as an element to cover roof from bottom, but has become important element like wall and floor which should be decorated too. False ceiling in various design provide exactly decorative ceiling like what we need. Combination of false ceiling design, color and lighting are able to instantly change entire impression to drawing room. If wall has wallpaper to beautify it, then ceiling has false ceiling. Below are the few false ceiling types for your consideration. Pop ceiling type This type has various designs more than other false ceiling type. Pop ceiling design comes in many options: rectangle, circle, oval and other geometry shape. Almost unlimited options from simple to complicate. For small and low ceiling drawing room, good to choose simple pop ceiling and then paint it with neutral colors. Pendant lamps in right position will enhance beauty. Tray type As its name 'tray', this design has shape like tray, where there are two parts with difference height, center part and outside this center part. Center part is like a basin, same with tray but in opposite position. This center part is place to install ceiling fan and crystal lamp. Area around this center part is like frame to focus anything in center part. Medallion type We say that this this type is simplest option than other types. Medallion ceiling type use ceiling molding to adorn ceiling. Primary shape is circle and decorated with various pattern. This medallion ceiling usually is installed at the center position of ceiling, where we will later install room lamp there. The key to beautify drawing room with medallion ceiling is on choosing of patterns from this false ceiling that must be match to your room decoration. Generally, because its simplicity design, medallion ceiling is fit to small room to keep decoration look simple, avoid too many ornament. Dome type This design has similar principle with tray ceiling, but it has shape like a dome. If you want to make your ceiling look higher, consider this ceiling type. Anything you put on dome look very focus. If you have beautiful chandelier or crystal lamp and you will make it as focal point, so install it on dome to showcase its beauty. Glossy type If you want your ceiling look shiny whenever you see it, them this last type is what you want. It makes drawing room look spacious and bright. It looks like there are smooth, clean and shiny tiles on ceiling. For Any queries related to home renovation or interior designing visit:


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