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6 Ways to Design Pooja Room

The Pooja room is an integral part of Indian homes and it is the most serene and pious corner, which is often reflective of deep emotional and aspirational attachments. It is a sacred space for peaceful prayer and meditation. Traditionally, wood and marble have been used for designing pooja units. Nowadays, people prefer modern pooja rooms made of granite, glass, and other materials, to match their home’s decor. Often people design pooja rooms with Vaastu principles, but Some others may follow just space availability at home. In this article, we explain simple ways to design a pooja room. Our unique ways help you to create a beautiful space whether your home decor is modern or traditional. Follow our best ways to build a small mandir in the home.

1. Location of The Pooja Rooms:

Indian homes are incomplete without the presence of a pooja room. The location of the pooja rooms is of great importance in Vastu shastra. The northeast corner of the house is the most preferred direction for a pooja room and one should face north or east while praying. These directions are auspicious and will bring good fortune to all members residing in the house. Avoid locating the pooja room in the south. Creating a pooja space on the home's northern or eastern side is also acceptable. Don’t position the pooja room under a staircase or against the wall of a bathroom.

2. Choose Best Material:

If you have a designated room for prayer, it’s a good idea to design the small space with a mix of contemporary patterns and traditional. Today many types of materials are available in the market for designing pooja room, but wooden and marble materials are ideally used for pooja room. Atypical of Hindu shrines, the wooden material is unique and the most common material for pooja rooms. In the modern interior, marble is a popular choice for pooja room design in homes and it is long-lasting and you do not have to worry about maintenance.

3. Space-Saving Small Pooja Room:

The Pooja room or the prayer room is a sacred space that you can find in any Hindu home. In small apartments, lack of space is a major issue. Therefore, an apartment with a separate dedicated space for a pooja room can be difficult to find. No matter how big or small a home, the pooja unit is a space that’s filled with positivity, hope and divinity. If your house is not large enough to have a separate pooja room, you can also create a specific corner in your home. Or as per your choice, you can custom-design a multi-tiered pooja unit complete with seamless drawers to store pooja essentials. wall-mounted pooja unit, it is also space-saving for small spaces. It stands as a unique form of performing daily prayers and rituals. These pooja units have a unique design that does not entail any additional installation hassles.

4. Pooja room color combination:

You can choose the color scheme for a pooja room with some vital Vastu shastra tips. Vastu shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture that helps you design your house to attract prosperity, peace and happiness. light colors should be used in the Pooja room such as white, sky, yellow light orange or other light colors. Most people prefer combining Yellow or orange and white color as both colors look good together and also help in bringing the needed positivity in the pooja room. You should avoid dark colors that break the chain of positivity and light. They also make a space seem smaller and cramped.

5. Pooja Room False Ceiling:

The ceilings are the most important part of any room. You can POP material for pooja room ceilings, POP is a highly durable material. It offers great flexibility in designs and can be moulded into different curved shapes. These days, many people use wooden panels. It gives off a sober and straightforward yet sophisticated vibe appropriate and suitable for a pooja room ceiling. This pooja room ceiling design is simple yet attractive, and it also gives a modern and stylish outlook to the whole room, thus setting a peaceful and cosy vibe for you and your family members to enjoy while praying.

6. Lighting For Pooja Room:

Proper lighting helps create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in pooja room as well as in the home. You can place Soft and dim lights in pooja room. This will create a warm atmosphere and set the mood for prayer. The soft yellow lighting fills the room in a dim glow that brings a sense of peace and tranquillity to the space. For a modern look, you can use drooping pendant lighting, it gives the illusion of a high ceiling and openness in the pooja room. This pooja room ceiling design is also an excellent way to concentrate the lighting in one place rather than diffusing it all over the room.

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